Vehicle Control System Using VANET


  • J. Roselin Suganthi, J. Swapna



In recent days, the usage of automobiles is increasing. The rules of the traffic have to be followed compulsorily. The violation of traffic rules has to be monitored by the government. Traffic accidents are met by people due to violation of traffic rules. This problem is solved by VANET which has the great potential to improve road safety and thereby reduce road congestion. The traffic authority has monitored the traffic rules with the help of wireless technology system which is another growing industry. Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) introduced VANET to create safer road transportation. The paper proposed Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANET) to reduce traffic problems with low delay and high reliability. Secondly it covers the secured authentication over the networks. This paper gives solution t the fraudulent users of traffic rules and the victim has been given proper punishment by the law and the order. The crime rate due to traffic violation can be reduced by this effort.




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J. Roselin Suganthi, J. Swapna. (2020). Vehicle Control System Using VANET. International Journal of Modern Agriculture, 9(3), 183 - 189.