Design of Slam Robot Based on Internet of Things


  • Mrs. S. Sathiya, D. Revathi



The hindrance evasion is utilized for recognizing obstacles and evading the impact of collision. This is autonomousrobot used to clean the useless objects in and around the orbit in the earth. The plan of obstacles shirking requires the coordination of numerous sensors as indicated by their presentation task it gets the data from encompassing zone through mounted sensors. Ultrasonic sensor is generally appropriate for snag location and it is of ease and high going capacity. Vacuum cleaner is used to remove the space debris in an efficient manner. Concurrent Localization and Mapping gauges provide the posture of a robot and the guide of the climate simultaneously; this sort of robot manufactures a guide speaking to its spatial climate while monitoring its situation inside the constructed map. SLAM is centralto a range of indoor, outside, in-air and submerged applications for both monitored and self-sufficient vehicles.




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Mrs. S. Sathiya, D. Revathi. (2020). Design of Slam Robot Based on Internet of Things. International Journal of Modern Agriculture, 9(3), 190 - 193.