Innovations in Agriculture: Farmerís Perception


  • Prof. Bibhuti Bhusan Pradhan, Shikha Gupta


In this paper, the existing agricultural innovation theories and frameworks have been reviewed and it emphasize the role of extrinsic factors such as adopter characteristics and the external environment in the decision-making process. Farmers and scientists need to gain insights into the nature of farming systems and their complex relationships with local conditions and available growth factors. The intrinsic variables such as the potential adopter's awareness, expectations, and attitudes towards innovation play a key role, but less studied. This paper provides an empirical context that incorporates both extrinsic and intrinsic factors in the decision of farmers to develop new agriculture technologies. Finally, the conclusion was made The introduction of agricultural technologies is a dynamic mechanism guided by both explicit and implicit variables and suggests that further research should be carried out in order to clarify the process of implementing agricultural innovations, taking into account all control variables. A mechanistic view of the relationship and acceptance of internal and external factors can simply guarantee durability of focused technologies..




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