A Survey on Processing & Utilization of Milk


  • Miss Monalisa Das, Prof. Surendra Nath Nayak, Prof. S. K. Das


The goal of this paper was to survey milk processing strategies and utilization rate in West African Sub-Region. The Nigerian dairy industry speaks to a significant segment of the agribusiness part of the economy with incredible monetary, dietary, and social advantages. Processing of new milk is accomplished by neighborhood systems into different customary milk items. Around 47 kg of fluid milk per individual is devoured every year in Nigeria contrasted with a normal of 25 kg for the Sub-Saharan Africa locale. Buyers show solid inclination for privately created and handled items, for examplekindirmo, nono, maishanu, cuku and wara. The decision of inclination depends on enhance, saw dietary benefit and local traditions and convictions. Likewise, the neighborhood items are accepted to be less expensive than their imported partners. Milk and nearby butter represented over 30% of all dairy items utilization. Urban family unit expend about 20% more dairy items than rustic family unit. Pastoralists are generally the makers yet devour less of the items. Present day milk processing systems and higher utilization rate ought to be empowered in West African Sub-region to guarantee improved human and animal efficiency in the locale.




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