Flowers Cultivation: Review


  • Prof. Hrudananda Mishra, Prof. Chitta Ranjan Mohanty, Ms. Subhasmita Rout


Higher farming is considered lucrative and highly profitable agro-industry. This case was registered in MAHOG village of SOLAN, Himachal Pradesh, India for a flower farming family.  The findings showed that flower growing is a lucrative business but in many respects it presents challenges. The flower growing family insists that the floral company must be diversified into eco-flower farming in order to ensure a stable and sustainable future.  Two buildings have been built, and the two high-value cultivations have been cultivated with Naturally Ventilated Poly House (NVS). The work was carried out in "Quality in natural playhouses for both Capsicum and Gerbera." In order to promote technology, departmental authorities provided technical support and all other information regarding farming practices and other logistics support from time to time. The conclusions were drawn in accordance with the yield and value of crops with open production, the increases in income or in particular farmers ' use of this innovation. They included several aspects.




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