Vertical Farming


  • Mr. Kishore Chandra Senapati, Prof. Shishir Kanta Behera


The aerial farm is a revolutionary concept that has transformed around the world. Imagine a world in which each city has its own local food supply, where water or particulate light are lost in the safest way possible. Intelligent farming leads enormously to 21st century food production. This is because the control of the climate and water is directly affecting plant growth. Vertical agriculture is known as a new instrument for the feeding of large world populations by 2050. It specializes of constructing a farm close to the people it supports by offering cheaper and sustainable crops free of disease together with the help of scarce natural resources. The idea of vertical farming has been a promising future with recent advances in greenhouse technology such as hydroponics, aquaponics and aeroponics. Such high-tech systems are a paradigm shift in agriculture and food processing and provide appropriate and effective urban farming methods by reducing maintenance and yield. After analyzing these technologies and prototypes of projects, researchers find that these efforts can plant seeds for vertical farming.




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