Manipuri Language and its influence on the Manipuri Community


  • Dr. M. Ninghaiba Singha


Both speaker and listener are involved in the process of communication of a   Language and it is said to be   social phenomenon .The main fact is that both speakers way of saying and   listener way of understanding are important. And every communicative event is directly or indirectly linked to any social event or context or that type of situation. Both time and place of communication play a important role along with the its social context.

The traditional Meitei language has given rise to the Manipuri languages origin . This language is used since ancient time is proved by its use in the speech of prominent people , or legends .Moreover this language is also used in the articles and the songs which are found from ancient times.  Since, Manipuri language is an ingredient part of the Manipuri society and culture; and itself maintained the societal and cultural values of the Community. Thus in this paper we tries to focus on the socialization pattern and cultural values of Manipuri language which are seen in the Manipuri Community will be discussed.




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