Alteration of Water Quality Parameters Due to Iron Ore Mining in Keonjhar District, Odisha, India


  • Nibedita Badajena, Saswat Kumar Mohanty, Atia Arzoo


Water is considered as one of the principal necessities of survival of life. We can't live without water. We get water from rivers, lakes, tanks, and springs and also from some ground water sources. In spite of abundance of water, there is a shortage of soft water in the world. Physico-chemical parameters of any water body play a major role in maintaining the fragile ecosystem that maintains different life forms. Odisha is one of the most mineral rich state of India and there are more than 26 type of mineral available in the state. Though mining is very beneficial to the industrial sector and is a positive indicator in terms of socio-economic growth of our country, but during the excavation and extraction  of mineral ores leads adverse impact on environment and also create pollution in water bodies so related issues can't be denied. The study aims to assess true impact of pollutants generated from different mines of Keonjhar mining area of Odisha. Water samples were collected from nearby water bodies including both surface water and ground water. Different physicochemical parameter such as pH, electrical conductivity, total dissolved solid, total hardness, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, magnesium hardness, chloride content and total iron content of collected water samples were analysed. The results of this investigation suggested that, the overload of pollutants leads to hydrological pollution with increasing level of TDS, increasing iron concentration  were founds which leads to health hazard of both plant and animal. Without iron people may experience Anaemia, fatigue or an increase in infection. Iron overload  also lead to hemochromatosis which can cause damage to liver heart and pancreas..




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Nibedita Badajena, Saswat Kumar Mohanty, Atia Arzoo. (2020). Alteration of Water Quality Parameters Due to Iron Ore Mining in Keonjhar District, Odisha, India. International Journal of Modern Agriculture, 9(3), 998 - 1006. Retrieved from