Dexterity in Action: A 360-Degree Approach to Offer Quality Care by Customized Services for Reproductive-Age Women


  • Roopashree M. Rangyyan, Shrikrishna Dhale, Ankit Singh


Introduction: With the distinction of Indian culture having a strong family background, the natural birthing process has been in vogue. With transdisciplinary approaches, preparation for the normal birthing phenomenon is effective for parenthood. By continuum of care with the quality of services during pre, intrapartum, post-partum phase counseling to new mothers provides better bonding and minimizes the adversity.

Methods: Descriptive study on the quality care with multimodality approaches for the normal process of birthing by sessions of yoga, Lamaze classes that include Diet, nutrition counseling, meditation sessions, physiotherapy, relaxation techniques.

Results: Providing care and comfort during the intrapartum phase for painless delivery is a strategy for better adaptability to new mothers. Incorporating best practices such as providing delayed cord clamping & implementing skin to skin touch of the newborn soon after the delivery to encourage bonding & prevention of hypothermia. Lactation counseling for exclusive breast-feeding till 6 months, the most intimate bonding experience between mother and infant.

Discussion: A combination of these therapies initiated from the pre-conceptual stage up to the intrapartum phase along with Dulia support for delivery and Post-partum stages supported with exclusive breastfeeding practices for women and kangaroo care for the baby are effective. The emotional care and support for women during reproductive age are provided by multi-modality techniques.

Application: The Best Yoga exercises for pregnant women which are provided as customized recommendations helps in the natural birthing phenomenon.

Conclusion: Incorporating yoga and multidimensional approaches has been an impacting factor for women during the reproductive phase.




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