Does Social Media Make Youth Unsociable and Lonely? Empirical Study


  • Sindhuja Rajanarayanan, Mita Mehta


The utilization of online networking by the present youth has taken off as of late, and the time spent by people before screens have supplanted the time spent by them in up close and personal connections. Today, majority of teens and youth spend a significant piece of their public activities on online space, and instructors and advisors have brought up a major issue whether the nearness of people in the computerized world gives a satisfactory feeling of social having a place. Present study examines and analyses how online life causes loneliness by studying some of the factors related to internet-based life. An electronic questionnaire was utilized as a medium to gather information from 205 people and the regression methodology outcomes demonstrated that people anticipate enthusiastic closeness and friendship via web-based networking media stages. Additionally, they long for steady acknowledgment via web-based networking media destinations.




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