Psychological Impact of Covid-19 on Adolescents


  • Mahima Chawla, Mita Mehta


Background: The COVID-19 pandemic has caused upset in the lives of people. Families confined within home for months has caused a lot of problems and children are worst affected. With school closures and some taking online classes from their home have impacted them psychologically. This paper aims to study this psychological impact on the lives of adolescents of age 12-18 during lockdown due to COVID-19 in four aspects- individual, family, social and education.

Methodology: Participants were selected on random basis using snowball sampling technique. Structured questionnaire was formed based on various tools review. Descriptive statistics have been used to analyze data.

Results: Among the sample of 216 adolescents, majority agreed on getting bored during lockdown and to pass their time resort to watching television and using mobile phone increasing their screening time and the positive impact was the reduce in the consumption of junk food. With online classes, a lot of students are facing issue of proper network connection and concentration. As they majority of participants miss going out, there is still a fear of contracting virus. Problems caused during lockdown due to COVID-19 and its psychological impact on adolescents needs utmost attention for their better physical and mental health.




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