Designing and Developing a Computerized Medical Gearís Recording System


  • Milind Chunkhare, Dinesh Jadhav, Ajay Ghare, Vijay Ghare


Aim: The research targets at designing and implementing a computerized biomedical equipments inventory management system at an Indian private hospital set up.

Objectives: 1. To develop different modules of the application like login module, database module, business logic module, client/customer module.2.To perform unit test cases and check the working of the system.

Methodology: The application is designed and established using python version no. 3.7 and visual studio. Constructed on the need and requirement analysis, the software application was created. Modules, methods and template viewsets for adding the product details, updating/editing function, recovering the product as per end-user needs and for destroying the product field entry from the databank was incorporated. The submission caters to the needs of the medical devices distributors, manufacturers and in the hospitals for inventory management purpose. Front end handshaking module was coded. An in built catalog, SQLite has been incorporated for the application data recording, so that the spped of data retrieval from database becomes faster. The software facilitates gathering of essential information and documents related to medical devices in healthcare institutions.

Tools used: Python 3.7, SQLite inbuilt database, IDE pycharm visual studio 3.7.4, Tkinter library & MVC architecture (Model, View, Controller)

Testing: Unit test cases were made for all the modules. Classes and methods were functioning correctly. Minor errors were debugged and rectified ensuring reliability of the software application. 

Results: The desktop application software is helpful for the allied healthcare professionals, students, healthcare technicians, inventory managers, etc.

Conclusion: The application has successfully addressed & satisfied the inventory management problems at an hospital setup..




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