Mobile Phone Charging: Power Statistics & Energy Consumption Pattern Analysis Using Developed “Powerstats” Android Application


  • Saloni Kuralkar, Preeti Mulay, Archana Chaudhari


Nowadays Mobile phones have become an essential part of life. The number of mobile phone users is also increasing rapidly; each person in a house has their handsets, leads to the rapid increase of mobile phone usages in every age group. This will ultimately lead to more electricity consumption required to charge a mobile phone. Mobile phone energy usage depends on factors such as Software energy use, equipment, devices, device contact with apps, wireless network, sensor network, etc. Hence, the paper presents a developed android application named PowerStats which gives the statistics of mobile phone charging patterns of users as per the i. Model of phones ii. Plugged in/out battery percentage iii. Plugged in/out timestamp iv. Voltage & v. Current.  Based on these statistics, further analysis is done as I. The mobile phone charging patterns of users. II. The mobile battery and its consumption capacity. III. To show that electricity required to charge a group of mobile phones in a household is equivalent to Air Conditioners, on a large scale. IV. To predict the best classification algorithm for the collected dataset from the application.




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