Enhancing Employee Experience during Covid-19: A Qualitative Study on Investment Banks


  • Garima Prajapati, Suruchi Pandey


Purpose- The purpose of this paper is to understand how top investment banks around the world have managed their employee life cycle and enriched employee experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Design/methodology/approach- The study is based on qualitative research using the Thematic Analysis. A total of 10 investment banks were selected and interviewed to elicit the insights on the study. Semi-structured interviews were conducted of HR managers representing the selected banks. Purposive sampling was used to select participants.

Findings- Based on thematic analysis, five major themes are identified across the participant investment banks- Virtual Recruitment, Work from home, Employee Wellbeing, Employee Communication and Diversity & Inclusion

Research implications- More similar studies in industries other than investment banking industry, with a holistic approach using stakeholder capitalism, are encouraged to work around the current findings.

Originality/ Value- The findings contribute to the body of knowledge in enriching employee experience during crisis like COVID-19. As one of the preliminary studies in addressing this area, it brings new implications to academic researchers and HR practitioners.




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