An Ameliorating Study on Medical Technology Teachers’ Efficacy


  • Milind Chunkhare, Ankit Singh, Shrikrishna Dhale


Aim: The research aims at identifying, categorize the factors that play an important role in improving the teachers effectiveness, and study the response pattern of the feedback from paramedical students at an Indian private health sciences institute.

Designs Settings: The research design is descriptive and exploratory in nature. A self-administered questionnaire is prepared based on the literature review; the content validity and the internal consistency was ensured; the mean scores for the activities were calculated

Study carried out on 103 students of medical technology program with specializations in cardiac care, dialysis, respiratory therapy, imaging sciences, clinical laboratory, operation theater and anesthesia technology.

Materials and Methods: Survey was conducted to ascertain the effectiveness of teachers for the medical technology courses of SIHS. The study investigates effect of variables such as sex, professional competency & influence of superseding variables on teaching.

Statistical Analysis: Data was analyzed using SPSS Inc. Version 16.0; mean values were calculated for the four variables of study i.e., execution of instruction (EI), interpersonal relations (IR), classroom management (CM) & planning of instructions (PI). Independent t test comparison was conducted for execution of instruction of male and female students. On obtaining significant results, linear multiple regression was implemented to assess the ability of three measurement parameters i.e., interpersonal relations, planning for instructions and classroom management to predict scores for execution of instructions rated by the students of medical technology. Results: The prime factors influencing teachers effectiveness emerged as interpersonal relationship (beta = .57, p < .001) followed by the planning for instructions (beta = .20, p < .001) and classroom management (beta = .14, p < .001).

Conclusion: It is critical to understand and address the factors affecting the medical technology education system and assess the effectiveness of teachers imparting the education in order to create a better & adaptable medical technologist




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