The Review on Techniques of Vertical Farming


  • N. N. Saxena


Throughout the last few decades, ethical and environmental justice concerns, the value of sustainable socioeconomic change in an economic globalized as well as socially graded society, the topic of non-renewable resources reliance, commitment towards biodiversity, as well as reflecting theĀ  problems of rations scarcity and its ties to hunger and injustice have gained traction in socially working activities. Environmental challenges, including economic justice problems, commitment to biodiversity, and emphasis on food protection problems have gained traction in the social work. This paper would explore the history of sustainable urban farming as a partial response to the global food scarcity problem and its effect on urban vulnerable communities. This will study the progress of a sustainable farming project named vertical farming and propose hope for populations dealing with persistent food safety concerns. This will detail several preliminary measures that social research can take into consideration to become more actively active in promoting vertically farming initiative.




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